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i am coding a PHP extension , i modify the zend_compile_file to my own function here is the source code :

FILE *bravery_ext_fopen(FILE *fp)
struct  stat    stat_buf;
char    *datap, *newdatap;
int datalen, newdatalen;
char sign[] = "BRAVERY";
int cryptkey_len = sizeof(sign);

fstat(_fileno(fp), &stat_buf);
datalen = stat_buf.st_size -  sizeof(sign);
datap = (char*)malloc(datalen);
fread(datap, datalen, 1, fp);

fp = tmpfile();

fwrite(datap, datalen-1, 1, fp);


return fp;
zend_op_array *bravery_compile_file(zend_file_handle *file_handle, int type TSRMLS_DC)
FILE    *fp;
char sign[] = "BRAVERY";
char    buf[8];
char    fname[128];

memset(fname, 0, sizeof fname);
if (zend_is_executing(TSRMLS_C)) {
    if (get_active_function_name(TSRMLS_C)) {
        strncpy(fname, get_active_function_name(TSRMLS_C), sizeof fname - 2);
if (fname[0]) {
    if ( strcasecmp(fname, "show_source") == 0
      || strcasecmp(fname, "highlight_file") == 0) {
        return NULL;

fp = fopen(file_handle->filename, "r");
if (!fp) {
    return org_compile_file(file_handle, type TSRMLS_CC);

fread(buf, 7, 1, fp);
if (memcmp(buf, sign, 7) != 0) {
    return org_compile_file(file_handle, type TSRMLS_CC);

if (file_handle->type == ZEND_HANDLE_FP) fclose(file_handle->handle.fp);
if (file_handle->type == ZEND_HANDLE_FD) close(file_handle->handle.fd);
file_handle->handle.fp = bravery_ext_fopen(fp);
file_handle->type = ZEND_HANDLE_FP;
//file_handle->opened_path = expand_filepath(file_handle->filename, NULL TSRMLS_CC);
file_handle->opened_path = NULL;
return org_compile_file(file_handle, type TSRMLS_CC);

its works good on normal PHP files, BUT it gives me a Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required 'C:\php5411\1.php' (include_path='.;C:\php\pear') in Unknown on line 0 error to me when the phpfile start with "BRAVERY"(this is what i am using to sign my php file).

here is the debug info of file_handle.Could any one help me? sorry for the google docs link cause i cannot post image here

img link

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This is a common problem that people new to PHP have. I understand the frustration as this happened to me when I was new and couldn't find the answer. The "require" statement requires that you do not use parentheses. If you use parenthesis it will treat it like a logic statement. Since the statement is ("ThisIsAstring") it's interpreted as true or 1 (it's not an empty string). Remove the parentheses. :D

EDIT: As a note, when you have a semi-ambiguous error like that, you should really include all of the source code.

Here's a good answer found on stackoverflow: When should I use parenthesis in require/include statements?

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sorry , i am writing a PHP Extension with C++ , not writing PHP code. –  zhzhwcn Jul 4 '13 at 6:06
In that case, it's extremely odd that you're getting "Failed opening required 'C:\php5411\1.php'" unless you are explicitly including or requiring it. I apologize for the misunderstanding. –  Timothy Zorn Jul 10 '13 at 15:50
If i remove my extension it works fine. Thank you for your help. –  zhzhwcn Jul 11 '13 at 0:39

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