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how can i explode the $123 or USD123 or CAD$123 or 元123 dynamically into

array [0] = "$"
array [1] = 123


$keywords = preg_split("/[^0-9]/", "$123");

The above is my testing code, but i can't get $ in array[0], any idea?


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$string = '$123';

$string = preg_match('/^(\D+)(\d+)$/', $string, $match);

echo $match[1]; // $
echo $match[2]; // 123


^(\D+) match 1 or more non digit at beggining of string

(\d+)$ match 1 or more digits until end of string

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You took the words right our of my mouth! –  Andrew Mar 5 '13 at 7:50

Try this it would work for all.

$str = 'CAD$123';
$num = filter_var($str, FILTER_SANITIZE_NUMBER_INT);
$curr = explode($num,$str);

echo 'Your currency is '.$curr[0].' and number is '.$num;
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you can use this


  $re1='(\\$)'; # Any Single Character 1
  $re2='(\\d+)';    # Integer Number 1

  if ($c=preg_match_all ("/".$re1.$re2."/is", $txt, $matches))
      print "($c1) ($int1) \n";

All credits to http://txt2re.com

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