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I have this JavaScript code in my application:

var boo = function(inputStr) {
    if (!inputStr || inputStr === "") {
        throw new Error("Input is null or empty.");
    return new Aftamat(inputStr);

And Resharper says that inputStr === "" is always false. Why? Is this the Resharper bug?

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=== checks for both value and datatype. "5" == 5 returns true. But "5" === 5 returns false because datatypes are different. Similarly in your above problem, if nothing is entered, it generates null datatype which is not equal to string. So, it returns false. – Pradip Kharbuja Mar 5 '13 at 7:58
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if string is empty, it's kind of a false... so !inputStr will return true and actually your inputStr === "" will be never checked if your string is empty

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Probably because if inputStr === "" was true, then !inputStr would also be true, but if !inputStr was true, then inputStr === "" would never have been checked.

Ie, that code will only be reached in a situation where the test must be true.

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