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We are considering to impose a single standard code format in our project (auto format with save actions in eclipse). The reason is that currently there is a big difference in the code formats used by several (>10) developers which makes it harder for one developer to work on the code of another developer. The same Java file sometimes uses 3 different formats.

So I believe the advantage is clear (readability => productivity) but would it be a good idea to impose this? And if not, why?

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Yes, that is good to have One code format styles for all developers.

design the code style formats and import that to All developers eclipse.

This will help when we are merging code to 'Version controll' system.

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In our project, we have got the solution. One thing is that your IDE should be eclipse. Then it has "Save action": window->preference->java->editor->save action. Every time, when the developer saves the java code, it will format the code with the template that be configed. So you just need is to create a config file or just export the default file of eclipse and change it, then send to the other developers.Ask them import it and switch on save action too.

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Tx, I know how to do it, it was more a conceptual answer. –  Stijn Geukens Mar 5 '13 at 8:39

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