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TabletEvents comes as mouse events.

Actual for MAC OS Qt 4.8.0 - 4.8.5. Works fine in Qt 4.7.3 on any OS and Qt 4.8.0 on Windows and Linux.

I have two instances of QGraphcisScene and two instances of QGraphicsView. The same types, but one view have a parent, and the another - doesn't (also it's transparent, used for drawing something over desktop).

I'm using tablet (wacom pen and touch) for painting. I handle QTabletEvents and it works only for QGrahicsView instance that doesn't have parent (means parent==0).

On the view with parent (


) tablet events doesn't comes. They comes to QApplication::eventFilter fine, but doesn't comes to view. They comes to QMainWindow as mouseEvents. If i set parent to 0, tablet events delivers fine.

The 1st receiver of tablet event is QMainWindow. I see that inside qt_mac_handleTabletEvent:

QWidget *qwidget = [theView qt_qwidget];
QWidget *widgetToGetMouse = qwidget;

And then:

`qt_sendSpontaneousEvent(widgetToGetMouse, &qtabletEvent);`

qtabletEvent - is not accepted event created just before calling sendSpontaneousEvent.

Then inside QApplication::notify():

QWidget *w = static_cast<QWidget *>(receiver);
QTabletEvent *tablet = static_cast<QTabletEvent*>(e);
QPoint relpos = tablet->pos();
bool eventAccepted = tablet->isAccepted();
while (w) {
    QTabletEvent te(tablet->type(), relpos, tablet->globalPos(),
                    tablet->hiResGlobalPos(), tablet->device(), tablet->pointerType(),
                    tablet->pressure(), tablet->xTilt(), tablet->yTilt(),
                    tablet->tangentialPressure(), tablet->rotation(), tablet->z(),
                    tablet->modifiers(), tablet->uniqueId());
                    te.spont = e->spontaneous();
    res = d->notify_helper(w, w == receiver ? tablet : &te);
    eventAccepted = ((w == receiver) ? tablet : &te)->isAccepted();
    e->spont = false;
    if ((res && eventAccepted)
         || w->isWindow()
         || w->testAttribute(Qt::WA_NoMousePropagation))

    relpos += w->pos();
    w = w->parentWidget();

As we can see:

res = d->notify_helper(w, w == receiver ? tablet : &te);

It calls event processing by filters, layouts and then - QMainWindow::tabletEvent. Default implementation is event->ignore().

Since QMainWindow have no Parent, it is all. So tablet event doesn't comes to QMainWindow childs.

Then seems it is QWidget *qwidget = [theView qt_qwidget]; works wrong. Unfortunately, i can't debug it...

Please give me some hints... i'm stucked...

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check out this post it may be related –  ixSci Mar 5 '13 at 9:53
Thanks, but it is workaround and it will not helps me. Standard QWidget::tabletEvent() can be overloaded for the case you gave me. But it is not the problem. Problems appeared just on MAC OS. On windows and on Linux all is fine. –  Inq Mar 6 '13 at 6:47
your question is diffused inside lot of code. What is exactly your issue? Put it on top of your post. –  UmNyobe Mar 7 '13 at 10:13
On MAC OS tabletEvents doesn't comes to right widget as it happens under Windows and linux. But it works fine with qt 4.7.3. –  Inq Mar 7 '13 at 12:41
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I spent more time on comparison Qt 4.8.0 and 4.7.3 and now i see that it is the problem in internal qt event dispatcher. It sends event to NSWindow (QMainWindow) instead of NSView (QGraphicsView). I didn't found where is the problem, but i found that QMainWindow returns false from ::event() method. So i reimplemented that method and parsed tablet event there:

bool UBMainWindow::event(QEvent *event)
    bool bRes = QMainWindow::event(event);

    if (NULL != UBApplication::boardController)
        UBBoardView *controlV = UBApplication::boardController->controlView();
        if (controlV && controlV->isVisible())
            switch (event->type())
            case QEvent::TabletEnterProximity:
            case QEvent::TabletLeaveProximity:
            case QEvent::TabletMove:
            case QEvent::TabletPress:
            case QEvent::TabletRelease:
                    return controlV->directTabletEvent(event);
    return bRes;

The problem is: i need to use tablet for any controls in application, so i need to determine when QGraphicsView is under mouse cursor:

bool UBBoardView::directTabletEvent(QEvent *event)
    QTabletEvent *tEvent = static_cast<QTabletEvent *>(event);
    tEvent = new QTabletEvent(tEvent->type()
        , mapFromGlobal(tEvent->pos())
        , tEvent->globalPos()
        , tEvent->hiResGlobalPos()
        , tEvent->device()
        , tEvent->pointerType()
        , tEvent->pressure()
        , tEvent->xTilt()
        , tEvent->yTilt()
        , tEvent->tangentialPressure()
        , tEvent->rotation()
        , tEvent->z()
        , tEvent->modifiers()
        , tEvent->uniqueId());

    if (geometry().contains(tEvent->pos()))
        if (NULL == widgetForTabletEvent(this->parentWidget(), tEvent->pos()))
            return true;
    return false;

Also i need to stop handle tablet events for QGraphicsView childs.

QWidget *UBBoardView::widgetForTabletEvent(QWidget *w, const QPoint &pos)

    UBBoardView *board = qobject_cast<UBBoardView *>(w);

    QWidget *childAtPos = NULL;

    QList<QObject *> childs = w->children();
    foreach(QObject *child, childs)
        QWidget *childWidget = qobject_cast<QWidget *>(child);
        if (childWidget)
            if (childWidget->isVisible() && childWidget->geometry().contains(pos))
                QWidget *lastChild = widgetForTabletEvent(childWidget, pos);

                if (board && board->viewport() == lastChild)

                if (NULL != lastChild)
                    childAtPos = lastChild;
                    childAtPos = childWidget;

                childAtPos = NULL;
    return childAtPos;

Maybe when i will have more time - i will investigate qt more deeply and fix that problem at all.

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