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Hello i am using AM1808 ARM9 microprocessor. I have an interfacing of GSM dongle.I want to make the GSM dongle connection as well all data transmission as well reception in the background using pthreads.

When i am trying to connect the dongle in background it is continuously blinking green light and i could not get connect to the server.

I can not find the problem.

Here is my code for the datacard initialisation as well as communication routine. I am initialising the Thread in the Main thread.

    int InitializeDataCard(void)
          static int connect_ret = 0;
          pthread_t processing_th;

          pthread_create(&processing_th, NULL, Datacard_Connection_Thread, &db_mc_object); 
          ShowMessageBox(msgbox_text[136], MB_TASKMODAL);
        ShowMessageBox(msgbox_text[163], MB_ICONERROR);
        return -1;`enter code here`
        return 0;  
    int ConnectToServer(void)
         int connect_ret = 0;

         Dprintf(__func__,"Trying to connect ....");
         DPUUtilsLib_RetrieveParameter(PID_DATACARD_INFO,(UCHAR *)&datacard_info,sizeof(datacard_info)); 
         connect_ret = DataCardConnect(datacard_info);
         //g_do_process = 0;
         Dprintf(__func__,"DataCardConnect ret=%d",connect_ret);

         return connect_ret;

    void * Datacard_Connection_Thread(void *tempdata)
     int ret=0,response = -1,enc_ret=0;
     static int g_gsm_response = 0;
     dpu_csv_file_param_t fileparam;
     dpu_db_export_search_params_t tempparams;
     dpu_db_milk_collection_t *livedata,*updatedata;
     dpu_db_user_master_t CreatedBy,UpdatedBy;
     dpu_db_society_master_t soc_info;
     char filename[50]={0};

     livedata = (dpu_db_milk_collection_t *)tempdata;

     //Connect to the Network
      create_connection :
     ret = ConnectToServer();

     //connected successfully 
           //Get the SocietyCode from the Database 

            soc_info.SocietyId = g_society_list[g_selected_society].SocietyId;


            Dprintf(__func__,"%04d\n %5.2f\n %5.2f\n %5.2f\n %5.2f\n %5.2f\n %5.2f\n %7.2f\n %7.2f\n %03d\n %c\n %d\n %5.2d\n %s\n %d",



            fileparam.Type = DPU_CSV_EXPORT;
            fileparam.FileType = DPU_CSV_MILK_LIVE_DATA_FILE;
            //open a csv file



            //write the live data into the file

            //encrypt the file
            enc_ret = DPUEncryptFile(tempparams.FileName,filename);         

                //send file request to server for the accepting the data
                response = SendFileRequest(g_gsm_response,filename,9);

                    //receive the response of the server 
                    response = GetResponceFromServer(g_gsm_response,&response,9);

                    if(response || g_gsm_response) response = -1;
                        //If record is successfully sent to the server then update the FlagGSM flag of the record as well as 
                        //Update the database
                        g_update_record  = 1;
                        livedata->FlagGSM = 1;
                        updatedata->MilkCollectionId = livedata->MilkCollectionId;
                        g_update_record = 0;

                //remove the temp file generated
            //if connection is not successfully done then try to reconnect the server
    ShowMessageBox(msgbox_text[156], MB_ICONERROR);
            goto create_connection; 

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Have you tried making a minimal example that simply tries spawning a thread and for instance blinking an led? – sonicwave Mar 5 '13 at 9:19
What debugging have you done and what did you find? Is the thread code entered, and if so, what line does it stuff up on? – Martin James Mar 5 '13 at 9:40
Yes i have gone through the debugging it enters in the thread. – Parthiv Shah Mar 5 '13 at 10:20
My server is also running but still my dongle is getting the green light blinking and i am not able to return value of the ConnectToServer function is perfect. – Parthiv Shah Mar 5 '13 at 10:45
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I think there is basic mistake here. By declaring the static variable connect_ret in InitializeDataCard, it does not mean in any way that it is going to be the same variable declared in ConnectToServer. Therefore, the first function will always have the same behaviour...

I think you'll need a global variable (i.e. not defined in a function) and possibily some kind of synchronization, because when you create the thread, then probably it won't be executed immediately, so even if you have a global variable, you can't check against it until you know that it has been correctly set.

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thank you. I got the solution. – Parthiv Shah Mar 9 '13 at 9:27
I found an issue as follows. As i need to continue my process weather datacard is connected or not.When i try to send the data even if datacard is not connected in that case my machine is going to restart means i could not able to exit from the thread.Then i used Thread_join() function instead of Thread_detach() then my purpose got solved but my system became slow as it is not acceptable. – Parthiv Shah Mar 9 '13 at 9:28
Please check my code as following,void LiveCollectionDataSend (dpu_db_milk_collection_t MCdata) { dpu_db_milk_collection_t *tempdata = malloc(sizeof(dpu_db_milk_collection_t)); pthread_t processing_th; int temp; int *ret_val; memcpy(tempdata,MCdata,sizeof(dpu_db_milk_collection_t)); pthread_create(&processing_th, NULL,LiveDataTransferThread,tempdata); //pthread_join(processing_th,(void*)&ret_val); pthread_exit((void**)&ret_val); } – Parthiv Shah Mar 9 '13 at 9:33

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