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I have an external groovy script that i need to include in a zip file by means of the maven assembly plugin.

I can't just compile it, it needs to be in text-form. The problem i am facing is that the script contains æ ø å characters, and that is causing some problems. The script itself runs file from its place in the maven project, but when i package it with the maven assembly plugin, and then unzip it, its non ascii characters are corrupted. The script also runs fine if i use 7zip or the like to zip and unzip it, no corruption happens.

How can i tell the maven assembly plugin to conserve my special characters? I would really hate to have to make a lot of changes to the code in order to convert it to a maven project.

Here is a part of my pom


and my Descriptor

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Is this:


definitely the correct character encoding for your script?

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