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I'm using AngularJS to make a $resource call to GET some values in JSON format. My requirement is that I've a model element that needs a Javascript array of the form:

[1328983200000, 40],
[1328983200000, 33], 
[1328983200000, 25],
[1328983200000, 54],
[1328983200000, 26], 
[1328983200000, 25]

to be displayed in Flot charts. This information is contained in the JSON as follows:


where "dailyMarks" contain the elements I need. I can convert "dailyMarks" to Javascript array, but it doesn't seem to work: (Below is my Controller code)

function MyController($scope, $resource) {

    var User = $resource('/marks/fetch?from=:from&to=:to', {from: inStartDate, to: inEndDate}, {
        getAll: {method: 'GET', isArray: false}

    $scope.changeDate = function(fromDate, toDate) {
        $scope.marks = User.getAll({from: fromDate, to: toDate});
    var imarks = User.getAll();
    $scope.marks = imarks;

    var list = imarks.dailyMarks, arr = [];

    for (var key in list) {
        arr.push([+new Date(key), list[key]]);

    $scope.myModel = arr;

What am I doing wrong? I get blank arr[] in the model. :( :( Kindly guide me.

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The problem here is that the $resource service is asynchronous even if its API might suggest that it is synchronous. This answer has more details regarding this topic: http://stackoverflow.com/a/11966512/1418796

What you should do is to move your array post-processing to a success callback of a call to the resource, something along those lines:

function MyController($scope, $resource) {

    var User = $resource('/marks/fetch?from=:from&to=:to', {from: inStartDate, to: inEndDate}, {
        getAll: {method: 'GET', isArray: false}

    $scope.marks = User.getAll({from: fromDate, to: toDate}, function(marksFromServer){
      //post processing <-- goes HERE

Other remark - you are constantly re-defining the User resource in a controller, you should rather move it to a factory and inject User to your controller.

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With the code shared by me, I'm getting value in $scope.marks & can display it properly. That part is working. But I don't get anything in "myModel" Why is it so? –  LittleLebowski Mar 5 '13 at 9:54
This is exactly the same problem of an async call. You've got this code: var imarks = User.getAll(); which returns immediatelly with an empty array. You need to do your processing in a callback. –  pkozlowski.opensource Mar 5 '13 at 9:56
Oh..I see. Got it. Thanks a lot for the awesome explanation. I already spent almost 30 minutes racking my brains apart on what's wrong! Thanks a lot for showing the way!! :) –  LittleLebowski Mar 5 '13 at 10:00
For some strange reason, the Flot Chart doesn't plot itself. :( It works when I provide static data. –  LittleLebowski Mar 5 '13 at 11:31

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