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I have a problem with my WYSIWYG-Editor, it works in FF but not in Chrome :(

Here's the code:

    $.fn.textEdit = function(){
        return this.each(function(){
            var $this = $(this), $div = $('<div class="textEdit"></div>');

                var $buttonObserve = function(cmd,b,val){

                    document.execCommand('styleWithCSS', 0, false);
                    document.execCommand(cmd, b||false, val||null);


                            .click(function(){ $buttonObserve('bold') })
                            .click(function(){ $buttonObserve('italic') })
                        $('<div/>').addClass('textEditUnderline transparent').text('_').attr('title','Unterstrich').css('background', 'url() no-repeat 0 1px')
                            .click(function(){ $buttonObserve('underline') })
                            .click(function(){  $this.parents('#page2').find('.editable').removeClass('editable').removeAttr('contentEditable');
                                                $this.parents('#page2').find('.textEdit').remove('.textEdit'); })



This function get activated if the user click on an p, div elemt and so on, it will create 4 buttons, for make the text: Bold, italic, underlined, oder delete the buttons.

The Problem is: If i select the text and press a button, nothing happens, just the delete button works.

I think Chrome doesn't accept my selected text.

I hope u guys can help me! :)

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Looks like execCommand() support has been removed from Webkit. QuirksMode doesn't even list the later browsers in the support matrix.


To get the selected text you could follow this method

How to get selected(user-highlighted) text in contenteditable element and replace it?

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Thx for the reply, i'll try this. :) –  Chris Norris Mar 5 '13 at 10:43

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