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I am using python to convert and XML log of SVN to CSV...

#!/usr/bin/env python

import csv
import subprocess
import sys
import xml.etree.cElementTree as etree

log_text = subprocess.Popen(['svn', 'log', '--xml'] + sys.argv[1:],
log_xml = etree.XML(log_text)

csv_writer = csv.writer(sys.stdout)

for child in log_xml.getchildren():

It will give the output for example...

2022,2013-01-02T06:11:40.500850Z,dave.d@email.com,"Ticket 16057735 - Blah "
2023,2013-01-02T06:43:22.247709Z,john.c@email.com,Ticket:16060718 Blah Blah
2027,2013-01-02T07:43:00.326583Z,dave.d@email.com,Ticket 16060936 - Blah Blah

But I want to filter / parse the <msg> to pick up only the ticket number while creating the .csv output.

Any alternatives like using perl is not a problem.

Update: Any way to skip the logs of the revisions not having the Ticket #### in the comment (<msg>)

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Here is a simple solution: look for the first number after the word Ticket:

if ($line =~ /Ticket\D+(\d+)/)
    $ticket_number = $1;

Using Perl syntax, but it should be easy in Python as well.

Here is a stab at a Python version (Caveat, I'm not a Python programmer):

matchObj = re.match( r'Ticket\D+(\d+)', child.findtext('msg').encode('utf-8'))

if matchObj:
   print matchObj.group(1)

The regex Ticket\D+(\d+) matches the word ticket, then one or more characters that are not digits (\D+), then one or more digits (\d+). The parentheses capture the enclosed portion of the pattern in the first matching group.

If you want the match to be more specific, you could use (\d{8}) to make sure the ticket number has eight digits.

Update: both of these solutions use an if statement to indicate that the pattern matched. You can skip the lines that don't have a ticket number simply by skipping the lines that don't match.

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I am getting the correct result but how to add it to the csv_writer ? –  Debajyoti Das Mar 5 '13 at 14:13
@DebajyotiDas, I suggest you try incorporating it yourself. Ask further questions if you have trouble. –  dan1111 Mar 5 '13 at 14:23
Hope i am not bothering you. I am bad with Regex... In the msg I have Ticket ### - Blah as well as JIRA-XXX - Blah. Any way to tweak the regex to pick ### and JIRA-XXX only ? –  Debajyoti Das Mar 6 '13 at 16:39

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