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Coded UI Editor is able to find a control in .Net 3.5 AnyCPU application

But this application was moved to .Net 4.0 and Targeted to 64 bit Platform.

Now the application find the control for the first time and when we press the refresh button the editor (Coded UI Test Builder Popup) says

Unable to locate the selected UI control  

Error in the TestLog

W, 6404, 5, 2013/03/05, 15:58:51.140, 19627190016, CodedUITestBuilder.exe, Playback - [WARNING] Internal warning:Search failure: <[UIA]ControlType='TabList' && AutomationId='ADCTRL_TabControl'> | Performed (4) search retries, UI element not found 
V, 6404, 5, 2013/03/05, 15:58:51.141, 19627190318, CodedUITestBuilder.exe, Playback - 3.5.2013 @15:58:51 
E, 6404, 5, 2013/03/05, 15:58:51.141, 19627190475, CodedUITestBuilder.exe, Playback - {1} [FAILED] Function ElementFetcher::FindScreenElement failed to locate UI element (Searching: ;[UIA]ControlType='TabList' && AutomationId='ADCTRL_TabControl';[UIA]ControlType='TabPage' && AutomationId='TABITEM_GameSettings';[UIA]ControlType='Button' && AutomationId='SelectableText') (The object specified was not found.) 
E, 6404, 5, 2013/03/05, 15:58:51.281, 19627573969, CodedUITestBuilder.exe, Playback - [IMAGE] C:\Users\AD\AppData\Local\Temp\UITestLogs\CodedUITestBuilder\LastRun\RPFCBBB.png 
W, 6404, 5, 2013/03/05, 15:58:51.281, 19627574279, CodedUITestBuilder.exe, Playback - [WARNING] Internal warning: Couldn't find descendants that match QueryId 
W, 6404, 5, 2013/03/05, 15:58:51.282, 19627575169, CodedUITestBuilder.exe, PERF WARNING: FindAllDescendents: took 4909 ms. Expected it to take maximum 500 ms.
V, 6404, 5, 2013/03/05, 15:58:51.293, 19627604746, CodedUITestBuilder.exe, AL: Setting search timeout to 120000 ms
V, 6404, 5, 2013/03/05, 15:58:51.293, 19627604912, CodedUITestBuilder.exe, PERF: AL : SearchHelper.Search: took 5067 ms.   

I am totally confused. I was woring in .NET 3.5 but not .Net 4.0.... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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IF Coded UI Can't find the control try to send focus before performing actions with the control. this code works for me.

// seting focus to the UINOButton before using UINOButton control this.UIWindow2.UINOWindow.UINOButton.SetFocus();

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