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I was using RegEx to validate user phone numbers. I have set of requirements for phone number validation. I dont have much idea about the RegEX. can anyone help me to provide a matching reqex for my requirement. Here the validation is very simple.


 1. It should allow numbers from 0-9.
 2. It should allow + sign. (+ sign is not mandatory but not allow after even a single letter (ie: should be placed at front.)).
 3. It should allow - sign. (- sign is also not mandatory and can be placed anywhere)
 4. It should allow empty space everywhere.
 5. No dots or no other chars allowed except the above said things.

Correct values

65 12345678
65 123 45678
65 123-45678
+65 123-45678

InCorrect values



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Firstly, be specific about the rules for validations i.e. which patterns do you want to match. Secondly, please try posting what have you tried so far, and what's the problem you are facing. – Ali Shah Ahmed Mar 5 '13 at 10:56
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Just to help you build some concepts.
The following regex would match the first seven inputs you provided.

/^\+?\d{2}[- ]?\d{3}[- ]?\d{5}$/

\+? would match a + sign. The ? in it makes the + sign optional.
\d{2} matches two digits
[- ]? matches either a - or a (space). ? makes the occurrence of - or (space) optional.
\d{5} then matches 5 digits.
^ and $ are the start and end anchors.

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Based on your samples, try this:

^(?:\+?\d{2}[ -]?\d{3}[ -]?\d{5}|\d{4})$

It will match all the correct values.


Regular expression visualization


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1up for the explanatory diagram :) – Immortal Dec 11 '14 at 23:39

based on you samples try this pattern.

^(?:\+?\d{2}[ -]?[\d -][\d -]+)$
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