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I want to write a shell script that matches the filenames to a given string that I enter in the command line during runtime. I want to be able to match patterns in a filename. Like if the string is 'questi' and the folder contains 'question1.c', 'question2.c', questions.doc' those should get displayed as the answer.

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Is this your homework? –  golimar Mar 5 '13 at 11:07

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The script can be as simple as the following:

shopt -s nullglob    # To return nothing if there is no match.
echo *$1*

Then just call it as script.sh questi.

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This is possible using find:

find /path/to/directory -type f -iname "*questi*"

The option -type f results in only files being returned and -iname does a case insensitive match on the glob *questi*, so should return 'question1.txt','five_questions.txt' etc.

If you wish you can put this in a shell script like so:

find $1 -type f -iname "*$2*"

And call it like: filefind.sh /path/to/directory questi

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