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When I type dir() in python , it can show all the variables visible, such as:

>>> dir()
['ACCT', 'ACEV', 'ALLOW_THREADS', 'ANNOTE_FONT', 'Annotation', 'AnnoteFinder', 'Arrow', 'Artist', 'AutoLocator', 'Axes', 'BS_KM', 'BUFSIZE', 'Button', 'CF_KM']

Now I want a function that can list all the variables of certain type, for example 'str', by :


It will return a list of the variable whose type is 'str' .

How to write the 'list_all_variable_of_type()' function ?

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dir just shows the names. You'll need globals() to access the actual variables. So probably:

[name for name, value in globals().items() if isinstance(value, basestring)]

(Note that if you're relying on this to access an unknown set of variables, you're probably doing it wrong; you should store your data in an overall data structure like a dict.)

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Thanks for the tips. – bigbug Mar 5 '13 at 11:20

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