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Using the following code I'd like to get a Character's confidence value, but for some reason the same value is returned for every character of a word. However, using a similar line of code (GetUTF8Text) the character itself is returned correctly. Is there anything wrong with my code, or is this maybe a bug in Tess4J?

TessResultIterator ri = TessAPI1.TessBaseAPIGetIterator(api);
TessPageIterator pi = TessAPI1.TessResultIteratorGetPageIterator(ri);
      String ch = TessAPI1.TessResultIteratorGetUTF8Text(ri, TessPageIteratorLevel.RIL_SYMBOL);
      float conf = TessAPI1.TessResultIteratorConfidence(ri, TessPageIteratorLevel.RIL_SYMBOL);

I already tried switching from v1.0 to v1.1, but the code still doesn't work. Beside that, I get a NullPointerException using the code as shown in TessAPI1Test.java:

 Pointer ptr = TessAPI1.TessResultIteratorGetUTF8Text(ri, TessPageIteratorLevel.RIL_SYMBOL);
 String ch = ptr.getString(0); //<-- exception
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Dear Pedro. Would you please edit this question? I'm wondering how to get a Each Character's confidence value. But I don't understand part of your source code. please tell me your success. –  reinhard.lee Sep 11 '13 at 8:35

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You'll need to call:

TessAPI1.TessBaseAPISetVariable(handle, "save_blob_choices", "T");
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This seems to be missing from Tesseract 3.01, should save_best_choices be used instead? –  sashoalm Apr 4 '13 at 16:42

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