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Is there any build or Git branch of Apache Pig that runs on Windows without Cygwin?

Hortonworks bundle version 0.9.3 in their Windows-friendly HDP distribution, but this is as-yet unreleased in Apache Pig from what I can gather. I also can't find any Windows-friendly Pig source code; the 0.9 branch in the Apache Pig GitHub project uses shell scripts and makes references to Cygwin. Hortonworks claim their distribution to be 100% open source, but I can't find any source repo's for their Pig build.

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I too stuck with using PIG in windows and finally got a solution to install and work with it along with the hadoop 2.3.0. All I did was to rebuild the pig to compatible with the hadoop version as described here and followed the below steps.

  1. Installed cygwin [Just to use the native libraries, but we can interact with PIG directly in our Command Prompt]
  2. Save the compiled Pig package folder in “C:” drive name as pig "c:\pig"
  3. Open the command prompt and enter into the location as “C:\pig\bin” and type as "sh", this will open a shell as "sh-4.1>"
  4. Now set the following variables

    sh-4.1$ export HADOOP_HOME=C:\hadoop

    sh-4.1$ export PIG_CLASSPATH=C:\hadoop\hadoop\etc\hadoop

    sh-4.1$ export PIG_CONF_DIR=C:\pig\conf

    sh-4.1$ export HADOOP_CONF_DIR=C:\hadoop\etc\hadoop

    sh-4.1$ export HADOOP_CLASSPATH=$(cygpath -pw $(hadoop classpath)):$HADOOP_CLASSPATH

  5. Now type as PIG for open the grunt shell, from now pig will work on both local and Mapeduce mode.

Hope this helps.

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nope, there isn't Pig for windows without Cygwin

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Hortonworks' Sandbox includes Pig

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Is the source available for Sandbox, do you know? –  Deejay Jun 28 '13 at 8:45
According to hortonworks.com/community/forums/topic/pig-source-for-windows, there is no code for Pig in Sandbox, however, there is apparently work underway to in Apache Pig 0.12 to have Pig work without Cygwin issues.apache.org/jira/browse/PIG-2793 –  Doctor Dan Jun 28 '13 at 14:49
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