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I have xml document like this:

<datatypes xmi:id="ID_01"</datatypes>
<datatypes xmi:id="ID_02">
  <fields xmi:id="ID_03">
    <datatype xmi:idref="ID_01"></datatype>

I also have spesil tool that change xml files. It allows you to add new nodes atributes and change old one, but after use it all IDs change.

Afte use tool:

<datatypes xmi:id="ID_11"</datatypes>
<datatypes xmi:id="ID_12">
  <fields xmi:id="ID_13">
    <datatype xmi:idref="ID_11"></datatype>


I want compare two xml files and find only < something_new/>. When i use standart diff i see all changes (id too)

Are there easy way to solve this problem? if not, what langudge(IDE) I should use for write such a comparison fastert.

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XMLUnit example: stackoverflow.com/questions/14280976/… –  Mark O'Connor Mar 5 '13 at 18:33

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You can try diffxml .

XMLUnit has a diff feature

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I'd have a look at the documentation for Spesil (Is this a library? I couldn't find documentation for this anywhere) to see if this behavior what is expected, there could be some configuration which stops id number from being replaced...

If there is a schema for this XML message you could use JAXB to un-marshal your XML into a model which you could access, you could pass the before and after (marshal both) then write a routine to look for changes). This would be a good way to do it if you needed to access further attributes/elements of the changes as you would be able to access changes as objects (not just text changes as would be the case with a diff tool). I guess it depends on how you intend to use the changes!


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