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I want to create a simple option menu in Android application with c# and Xamarin Studio. How can I do it?

I haven't found any C# example of this. Can someone simply explain how to create a option menu, please?

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This is done by overriding the OnCreateOptionsMenu method.

public override bool OnCreateOptionsMenu(IMenu menu)
      menu.Add(0,0,0,"Item 0");
      menu.Add(0,1,1,"Item 1");
      return true;

You can then handle clicks in the option menu by overriding the OnOptionsItemSelected method.

public override bool OnOptionsItemSelected(IMenuItem item)
    switch (item.ItemId)
        case 0: //Do stuff for button 0
                return true;
        case 1: //Do stuff for button 1
                return true;
                return base.OnOptionsItemSelected(item);
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