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Why is the middle method necessary? It seems to me like it's just an intermediary step to connect the first and third methods.

module SessionsHelper

  def sign_in(user)
    cookies.permanent[:remember_token] = user.remember_token
    self.current_user = user

  def current_user=(user)
    @current_user = user

  def current_user
    @current_user ||= User.find_by_remember_token(cookies[:remember_token])
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It is the setter method or the helper method to set the current_user with the user who is currently online. This is used by devise gem to identify the current user.

So whenever you need to find the online user for your application, you just use the following code-

if current_user
#Do something important   
#You do not have enough privileges. Please login.
#Your offline stuff
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One more question...When the code is run, how does the app progress through the methods? I think it might help to understand the progression. –  dresdin Mar 5 '13 at 13:38
nothing fancy. If you are logging in, sign_in(user) method is used. Then after user signed in, the current_user=(user) method is used through out. However, if no user is found which is only when user used remember me checkbox then the lookup is from the remember_token and current_user method is called in this case. –  My God Mar 5 '13 at 13:56

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