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I have just installed the latest version of ubuntu in a virtualbox. Now I need the terminal window, but it is not on the task bar at the left. How can I get it to appear?

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Click on the Ubuntu icon in the upper-left corner.

enter image description here

You should get a "Search" window. Type the word "terminal," and it should come up.

enter image description here

For easy access in the future, you can drag it to the left and into the launcher.

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Press Alt+F2 type "Gnome-Terminal".

To get the same in future, you can drag it to the left and into the launcher.

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Click on the Ubuntu symbol in the upper left and type "term" in the search box. It will auto-complete and show you the terminal icon. Click to run it. Then you can right-click on it in the task bar to lock it there.

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Ctrl + Alt + T. It's the default shortcut key.

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