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I use for C/C++ Visual studio 2012 with Visual Assist X plugin. Now I'm going to learn Python. I need good IDE for Python and my main requirement -very good intelli/autocomplete feature in IDE ( I don't like notepad or Python shell ) Can you recommended IDE for my requirement?

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try pydev too, has lots of the toys you're looking for. –  danp Mar 5 '13 at 13:26

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I struggled a lot before finding a good IDE for Python. At the moment I'm using PyCharm which has a lot of features I got used to with other languages and IDEs, such as very good syntax highlighting, code completion, structure navigation, documentation linking, VCS integration (with live diff tool) and so on.

Note: it's not free though, but you can do a free and full-features 30-days trial.

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very good intelli/autocomplete feature in IDE

It will be very difficult to find a good IDE for python. The main reason is that your requirement is very very difficult to be achieved, if not downright impossible, due to the fact that python is dynamically bound, so utilities can not be certain about what goes where (as they do in a statically bound languages, such as java or c#) so as to create a reliable autocomplete feature in an IDE.

That said, in my opinion you might be better served using a plain text editor (vim quickly comes to mind, if you are on windows something along the lines of notepad++ will do) and then use the python vm of your choice to run and/or debug your code.

If you are so inclined to use an IDE nonetheless, Aptana studio (or just Eclipse with pydev) might prove adequate. Visual Studio is also a choice if you choose to pair it with Python tools for Visual studio.

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You may use APTANA, Geany or ipython for your practice! I would prefer APTANA or GEANY
Eclipse is also a good IDE for python too!

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I personally don't like pyDev for Eclipse, even though it is better than the average IDEs for Python. Slow, many imperfections and not at the same level as for Java. –  drekyn Mar 5 '13 at 13:23
Then Try Aptana ;) btw APTANA gives a facility of debugging python code. –  MHS Mar 5 '13 at 13:26

WingIDE is my preferred ide. It has pretty good intelligent fill.

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These days I go with Sublime Text for editing everything (http://www.sublimetext.com) and bpython (http://bpython-interpreter.org) as my Python shell.

Perhaps these other threads on Stack Overflow may be of additional help:

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I also relatively new to python (1 month..) after struggling with idlex for a few weeks ,i found pyscripter and im very happy with it ,has almost perfect auto-complete for python! As big plus .. it made me stop wishing there where a version of netbeans for python !

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