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I tried doing the def index(*args); end; trick within the models I'd like cache_money to ignore, but to no avail.

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commenting out index() will only turn off indexes for that object. But the default index by id will still run.

I have it working, but am in the process of getting the fix upstream. http://github.com/kbrock/cache_money if you want to test it out before hand. example:

class model < ActiveRecord:Base

best of luck and let me know how it goes.

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This looks like a good idea, I think it is is_cached with a 'd' on the end though. –  Brian Armstrong Mar 2 '11 at 0:44

Noticed Keenan's branch is offline -- I've also made a cache-money fork on GitHub which does not automatically cache every model unless you put "automatic_caching: true" in your memcached.yml http://github.com/jamiew/cache-money

Just add "is_cached :repository => $cache" explicitly in each model you want to cache.

Unfortunately this isn't generally available as a gem yet, but I'll see about getting my changes into ngmoco-cache-money (official cache-money appears dead)

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