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I am developing/developed a desktop application, where the button has actionlistener and to do lot of background task, I didnt use the thread, wait, notify or sleep before. I am just confused which one to learn and which one to use otherwise when i click the button, the JFrame just freezes.

1) Could someone suggest me what to use and easier?

2) I am using jprogress bar with setvalue(n) method, but I would like to replace the n automatically with the time taken to load, How can I do this?

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1) You need to move your code running when you click your button into a new thread. Something like this will work:

public class Worker implements Runnable {
    Thread t;
    public Worker() {
        t = new Thread(this);
    public void run() {
        //do stuff here
    public void start() {

Then when you click your button in your JFrame:

Worker w = new Worker();

2) You can call setProgress() with any int (eg, at the start get current time, at the end get current time, time taken = end-start) you want. Just make sure you have used setMaximum() too.

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If you are using Swing for GUI you should use "SwingWorker" class:


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