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I'm querying a table (Jobs) that has 3 records. The table has a Foreign Key to JobTypes and to a table called Users. When running the following query I get three records back, but I can only lazy load for the first returned result.

IEnumerable<dynamic> jobs = _db.Jobs.All()
            .Where(_db.Jobs.Completed == false)
            .Where(_db.Jobs.RunAfter <= DateTime.Now);

Console.Out.WriteLine("Jobs Found: {0}", jobs.ToList().Count);

foreach(var job in jobs.ToList())
    Console.Out.WriteLine("{0} from {1}", job.JobType.Name, job.User.Username); 

The output is:

Jobs Found: 3
Some Job by admin

And the error message is: Cannot perform runtime binding on a null reference

At the time of the error, using quickwatch job.JobType and job.User are both null but the job.JobType_Id and job.User_Id properties both have a valid guid as a value.

The error occurs on the second iteration in the foreach loop. All jobs currently have the same user id but a different job type id. I have verified the ids are correct in each table. Any ideas of what could be causing this error during lazy loading?

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Which Simple.Data provider are you using? SQL Server? Oracle? etc – Hmobius Mar 6 '13 at 9:31
I'm using the SQL Server provider. – RyanBrady Mar 6 '13 at 12:34

Did you try to add MultipleActiveResultSets=true in your config file?

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Yes. Although I did not have to do that when referencing lazy loaded properties in an MVC view. This issue has only happened to me with this console app. – RyanBrady Mar 5 '13 at 15:06

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