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I've got a fairly basic grammar in ANTLR 3 and I am looking to do the following: - If a '+' appears in front of a 'term', just remove it as it is redundant (done). - If a '-' appears in front of a 'term', keep it, however add a '0' to the first child node so that I effectively go from "-2" to "0-2".

  unaryterm ((ADD^ | MINUS^) term)*

  (ADD! | MINUS^)? term

I've had a go at tree rewriting but seem to get stuck when it comes to matching the possible '-'.

Note: ADD represents '+' and MINUS represents '-'.

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Assuming that INTEGER is your desired token type for the literal 0, you could use the following:

    :   ADD! term
    |   MINUS term -> ^(MINUS INTEGER["0"] term)
    |   term
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Works perfectly - thank you! –  Aiden Thompson Mar 5 '13 at 16:41

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