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I was trying to move my project which was written in eclipse to another computer. I tried declaring the right workspace, but the project doesn't appear in eclipse.

Is there a way to transfer entire project, or I must rebuild the project with its packages and transfer only the .java files?

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File/Export, then File/Import... That is the quick and unhealthy approach. Please use a SCM I can recommend using Git, you can get going very quickly with that... Without managing versions, you'll be in trouble even with a HelloWorld example, if more than 1 person works on it... And it is of great help even with a single developer, who like me can make things worse in a complicated way to require recall of a previous, consistent state of a project... –  ppeterka Mar 5 '13 at 15:39

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Follow the below steps to copy a project from one system to another

  1. Copy the project folder to the destination system
  2. Create a workspace
  3. Select File > Import
  4. Select General > Existing project into workspace
  5. Select the project folder (under select root folder )
  6. Say Finish
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When transferring objects from one eclipse instance to another, the most important thing to move along are the .classpath and .project files. These define the structure of the project and the libraries needed to make it work.

Just copy your project folder to the other computer and follow these steps:

 1. Open Eclipse
 2. Go to File > Import
 3. Existing projects into workspace

The project should now be imported along with the sources

You can also Export the project and import it.

What would help you though is if you abstract the IDE file generation files to a build management tool like maven. This will help you to not keep (and eventually move-around) your project with its dependencies but rather just run a command to make it IDE ready.

If you are running eclipse, the command would mvn eclipse:eclipse

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enter image description herecopy the project folder.Then use File/Export, then File/Import.

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Export the project to a directory of choice on the current computer. Then, copy it to the other computer. Finally, import the project into Eclipse on the other computer.

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you can export the project and import it back into the new system. while exporting don't forget to check all the boxes so that all files are included in the package.

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