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I'm using the xml/mapping library, and here's how I generate XML:

xml = user.save_to_xml
str = String.new

The result is a little different from what I want. It generates the XML tags with a lower-case letter:

<user PK=...

But I need the tag to start with a capital letter:

<User PK=...

How do I force the generation with an upper-case letter?

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You can override the default root_element_name like so:

User.root_element_name "User"

If you want to modify the default for all classes, you'll need to override the default_root_element_name method which is defined as:

# The default root element name for this class. Equals the class
# name, with all parent module names stripped, and with capital
# letters converted to lowercase and preceded by a dash;
# e.g. "Foo::Bar::MySampleClass" becomes "my-sample-class".
def default_root_element_name
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