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I'm stuck in retrieving some sort of data in my view. I have to list information of a certain "Job", which has different attributes already stored in the database. For example, I'd like to get the field of 'weighting' listed. The debug($this->viewVars) prints me this (which represents what's stored in the DB):

'JobValues' => array(
            (int) 0 => array(
                'id' => '1',
                'yearly_job_id' => '1',
                'institution_type_id' => '1',
                'norm_rate' => '5',
                'weighting' => '5.00',
                'standard_value' => '5.00',
                'education_weeks' => '5.0',
                'group_distribution' => '0.50',
                'YearlyJob' => array(
                    'id' => '1',
                    'year_id' => '1',
                    'job_id' => '1',
                    'full_time_jobs_needed' => true,
                    'education_count_needed' => true,
                    'is_care' => true

Normally I would just print this: echo([JobValue][weighting]);, but there is a number in between, so echo([JobValue][1][weighting]); won't lead to success. What could I implement in my view (or model)? Any advice is highly appreciated.

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because you have use find all I think into your controller –  Alessandro Minoccheri Mar 5 '13 at 16:04
Either use find('first'...) or just echo $foo['JobValues'][0]['weighting'];. Needs more information to what you are trying to achieve. –  Ross Mar 5 '13 at 16:14
It's best to include/add the code inside your controller to your question, especially the part where you retrieve the data using your model –  thaJeztah Mar 5 '13 at 18:51

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For printing out the data, if there's only one top level of array, just remove it. print_r(array_shift($foo['JobValues']['weighting']));

If there are multiple arrays on the same level, you need to do a foreach to iterate into each one of the record.

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