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I'm running php-resque together with Laravel 3 on Ubuntu 12.04.

Problem: When a job is enqueued in resque, I get the following error:

Unhandled Exception


Constant CRLF already defined

/var/www/dev/vendor/chrisboulton/php-resque/lib/Redisent/Redisent.php on line 10

What does the error mean and how can we solve it?


// Enqueue in Resque        
$data = array(
    'name'                  => $name,
    'email'                 => $email,
    'created_at'            => DB::raw('NOW()')
Resque::enqueue('queue', 'exampleWorker', $data);

However when I try to enqueue a job using artisan, it works!


class Queue_Task
    public function run()
        // Autoload composer vendors.
        require path('composer').DS.'autoload.php';

        $args = array('name' => 'John Smith');
        Resque::enqueue('MyAppName', 'ExampleWorker', $args);

        echo "Resque job queued.\n";


PHP Notice:  Constant CRLF already defined in /var/www/dev/vendor/chrisboulton/php-resque/lib/Redisent/Redisent.php on line 10

Notice: Constant CRLF already defined in /var/www/dev/vendor/chrisboulton/php-resque/lib/Redisent/Redisent.php on line 10
Resque job queued.
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It's a guess, but I'd say in /var/www/dev/vendor/chrisboulton/php-resque/lib/Redisent/Redisent.php there's a second define('CRLF', 'something') on line 10 that should probably be commented out if you want these two pieces of software to work together.

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Why is it that the job can be enqueued successfully using artisan? –  Nyxynyx Mar 5 '13 at 16:37
@Nyxynyx Because it's only raising a warning, and not a fatal exception. –  Sammitch Mar 5 '13 at 16:39

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