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I want to redirect's logging to python's logging. When starting a .tac file normally I can easily do this:

from twisted.python.log import PythonLoggingObserver, ILogObserver
from twisted.application import service

application = service.Application("FooApp")
application.setComponent(ILogObserver, PythonLoggingObserver().emit)

However, I don't seem to have an Application when writing an IPlugin. Instead I just have a class that implements IServiceMaker and IPlugin, where makeService returns a service.Service. How can I set this log observer?

Note that I don't just want to add a python logging observer, I want to redirect twistd's logging so that it only goes through python's built-in logging system.

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Look at twistd's --logger parameter:

from twisted.python import log

def logger():
    return log.PythonLoggingObserver().emit

and then invoke twistd: twistd --logger=mylogger.logger.

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Seems to work - I had forgotten to setup python logging before when I said it didn't. Thanks! – Claudiu Mar 5 '13 at 21:09

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