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I am using grouping in solr to determine the number unique values in a specific column and the total number of documents for the query. This number is returned using the group.ngroup=true method in the request. This means the result returns ngroup=30000 and matches=500000

This is good until the number of documents returned per group is limited (and the limit would be fixed). e.g If I were to pull all records (hypothetically I am not saying this will be done) from this result set each group would be limited to group.limit=#

If I am only returning two documents (group.limit=2) per group out of a possible range of documents per group of 1 to 20 this obviously means that the total number of documents returned for this select when limited is between 1*ngroup and 2*ngroup

The question is how do I return the exact number of documents returned based on group.limit? as opposed to the range.

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For now, there doesn't seem to be an option to get the exact number of documents returned when we use grouping.

The response field "matches" and "numFound" returns the number of docs matched but not the number of docs returned in response as per your limiting based on group.limit parameter.

This could be a "good to have" feature in forthcoming Solr releases.

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Thank you - I don't suppose you know how I go about suggesting this feature to the solr crew? – damau Mar 6 '13 at 13:45

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