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I was checking web site of the FoundationDB. It says that it was developed on new programming language Flow. In websites it says :

Flow is a new programming language design -- in fact an entirely new programming language paradigm -- that solves the multicore dilemma through ubiquitous, guaranteed-safe implicit parallelization.

The code itself eventually is being compiled to C++. What I am thinking about is that would it be possible to have C++ code inside Flow and would it be possible to reuse already existing C++ code/libs ?

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There is now also Flow by Facebook – basarat Sep 23 '14 at 4:23

There is a bit of confusion here. FoundationDB is built using a proprietary language called Flow, whereas your link to Flow ( is a different programming language. The naming is unfortunate, but understandable as FoundationDB's Flow (which I'll call FDBFlow) was started prior to Flow(lang), but not publicly disclosed.

In brief:

  • Flowlang helps write parallel code
  • FDBFlow helps write concurrent code
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I see ... The naming is really a little confusing ... – Incognito Mar 5 '13 at 18:36

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