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I have an unusual calendar control in my HTML page that I can not seem to set the date value for. The HTML is:

<div class="reqFormLabel" style="margin-bottom: -3px;">
    Text - First Night 
<span id="ctlAvailabilitySearch_valStartDate" style="color: red; visibility: hidden;" controltovalidate="ctlAvailabilitySearch_txtStartDate" errormessage="First Night is required." initialvalue="" isvalid="true">
    Text - *
Text - Empty Text Node
<input name="ctlAvailabilitySearch$txtStartDate" id="ctlAvailabilitySearch_txtStartDate" style="display: none;" value="03/05/2013"/>
Text - Empty Text Node
<dropdown tabIndex="0" class="dp" id="startDP" style="margin-right: 8px;" formElChildIndex="0"/>

If execute this code:

var ieElement = ieFrame.Element(Find.ById("ctlAvailabilitySearch_txtStartDate"));
var value = ieElement.GetAttributeValue("value");

value equals the date of "03/05/2013"

But if I execute this:

ieElement.SetAttributeValue("value", "03/09/2013");

nothing happens.

I've tried accessing every possible element combination I can think of to set this date, but nothing is working.

Any suggestions?

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0 down vote Do you have a link to the page for testing... any reference to the code documentation... etc. – kingdomcreation Mar 5 '13 at 17:26
In some more complicated controls, eg: calendar, you'll need to fire a JavaScript event to get the page to update. The Chrome F12 tools are helpful for figuring out which events are wired to which elements. – OCary Mar 5 '13 at 22:07

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