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Here is my code for this problem:

def nfsmaccepts(current, edges, accepting, visited):
    print ('iteration', current, ''.join([i[1] for i in visited]))
    if current in accepting:
        print ('accepted')
        return ''.join([i[1] for i in visited])
        for edge in edges:
            if edge not in visited and current == edge[0]:
                print (edge, ' matched')
                for i in edges[edge]:
                    if nfsmaccepts(i, edges, accepting, visited) is not None:
                        print (edge, i, ' chosen')
                        return nfsmaccepts(i, edges, accepting, visited)
                        visited = visited[:-1]

and here are the results:

print(nfsmaccepts(1, edges, accepting, []))
iteration 1
(1, 'a') matched
iteration 2 a
(2, 'a') matched
iteration 2 aa
iteration 3 a
(3, 'b') matched
iteration 4 ab
(4, 'c') matched
iteration 5 abc
(4, 'c') 5 chosen
iteration 5 abc
(3, 'b') 4 chosen
iteration 4 abc

I cannot figure out why the program continues to run through for loops and returns None when clearly a terminal call of the recursive function has been reached. Please help!

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I can clearly see a branch which does not have return at the end. That is when the None is returned. – Fenikso Mar 5 '13 at 17:03
Please do not use the "homework" tag on new questions; it's deprecated and in the process of being removed. – Wooble Mar 5 '13 at 17:04
possible duplicate of Python function prints None – Bakuriu Mar 5 '13 at 17:35

Your 'accepted' state occurs when you call your function from the if statement:

if nfsmaccepts(i, edges, accepting, visited) is not None

which then continues to print (4, 'c') 5 chosen. The previous iteration did the same, so you call it again from iteration 4, printing (3, 'b') 4 chosen as well.

Perhaps you meant to call that function only once there and store the result before testing and returning?

accepts = nfsmaccepts(i, edges, accepting, visited)
if accepts is not None:
    print (edge, i, ' chosen')
    return accepts
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success, thank you! I wasn't happy with the two recursive calls in the same branch but couldn't figure a way around it. That's perfect, thanks – user1174209 Mar 5 '13 at 17:20

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