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When code run into line 2, Windows will show a popup to input username, password for TFS access:

TeamProjectCollection = new TfsTeamProjectCollection(new Uri(url), new UICredentialsProvider());
IsConnected = true;

Have any way to assign username, password automatically without login from popup of windows.


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When it prompts for credentials, that means that the credentials that the process is running under do not have permission to the server. –  Buck Hodges Mar 7 '13 at 13:50

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If you want to directly insert user credentials and not use the one the process is running, the following worked for me:

WindowsCredential credentials = new WindowsCredential(new NetworkCredential(username, domain, password), new MyCredentials(username, domain, password));
TfsTeamProjectCollection connectedTPC = new TfsTeamProjectCollection(tfsUrl, new TfsClientCredentials(credentials));

It's a bit strange to provide credentials two times, but without the MyCredentials I will get no answer from TFS, not sure why.

public class MyCredentials : ICredentialsProvider
    private NetworkCredential credentials;
    #region ICredentialsProvider Members
    public MyCredentials(string user, string domain, string password)
        credentials = new NetworkCredential(user, password, domain);

    public ICredentials GetCredentials(Uri uri, ICredentials failedCredentials)
        return credentials;

    public void NotifyCredentialsAuthenticated(Uri uri)
        // who cares

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