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I need to setup a proxy server, so that the "real" servers only receive requests from the proxy and no one else.

Basically, somthing like this:

  1. client1 requests someServer1.myproxy.tld
  2. myproxy.tld forwards and maintains comunication back and forward to someServer1.tld

    Client1    Client2    Client3
       \          |          /
        \         |         /
         \        |        /
            | myproxy.tld |
         /        |        \
        /         |         \
       /          |          \
    Server1    Server2     Server3

Is this possible with squid? If yes, can someone point me in the right direction? If not, which tool is best suited?

Thank you

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Yes, it's possible. You need cache_peer and cache_peer_access directives.

Have a look at this link

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thanks, looks exactly what I need! – cmpscabral Mar 13 '13 at 15:46

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