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Long ago I used a program called Procomm Plus in Windows for scripting/automating interactions with modems, etc. Now I'm using PuTTY/ssh for similar things like dealing with Juniper Networks NetOS devices. Right now I'm pretty much stuck with pasting text which doesn't allow looping. I can think of a couple of variations on this: - use something other than PuTTY ... but what? - launch a script through PuTTY ... but how?

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You could try

-m, which will "read a remote command or script from a file"

Take a look at the Putty Documentation - Section 3.7 in particular.


I remember now - I was using plink for this:

plink user@machine -m local_script.sh

plink is included with Putty.

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It's not clear to me in reading the references how this would allow scripts with conditional branching. Just running a sequence of straight commands is easy enough - one can just copy and "paste" them. And, I see an option for adding a file which would be more automated than this manual method but either way I suspect it only works for in-line commands. Or don't I get it yet? Oh yes, the name of the language used in Procomm Plus was Aspect. –  fred3 Mar 6 '13 at 18:24
@fred3 the script you call can have all sorts of logic within, including conditional branching. So you'd only invoke one script at a time, but within that script you could utilize all the scripting functionality available on the remote machine (*nix I'd guess?) –  Sean Landsman Mar 7 '13 at 13:12

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