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For years I've use a VCL forms application layout strategy that auto-sizes the form controls on the main form. Users can maximise or resize the application at will with the same general look and feel of button layouts, charts etc. To do this I wrote code to manipulate the BoundsRect of child controls based on the FormResize event of the form, and this simple technique preserves the text font size and aspect ratio (eg of buttons). I have further simple code to raise and lower the font size to track the expanding and reducing button / label sizes of main controls, but many controls e.g a TChart are left with readable albeit small fonts when the application is minimised - I'm very happy with this.

I'd like to migrate my layout to use FireMonkey which has TScaledLayout which, when you align it alClient in form neatly resizes all of its contained controls. Unfortunately the resizing extends to all text fonts too, which is really not desirable. Setting the TScaledLayout to alFit keeps the original aspect ratio of the contents but can result in empty padding at the top or sides to achieve this.

Is there any way in which I could 'turn off' the resizing of all fonts under TScaledLayout action? I've explored the info in FireMonkey Layouts Strategies and also tried each of its vastly increased 'Align' settings without success. Eploying full screen while moving between various display devices would need this ability surely?

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Think transparent layers like on an overhead projector (remember those?). Put your text labels on a panel that is on the form. Put the scaledlayout on the panel. Put the controls on the scaledlayout. Now when the form resizes, the controls also do, but the labels do not.

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