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I am developing a site for my sme. I'm using bootstrap with a smoothscroll script for the one page website.

Problem is, I need to have a tabbed pane with info on individual services but this is conflicting with the smooth scroll script, which means when i click on a tab the browser goes haywire. When I disable the smoothscroll script, tabs work just fine. Is there a way around where I can have both functionalities?

The smooth scroll script am using right now is this... taken from CSS-tricks.com

$(function() {

    function filterPath(string) {
        return string

    var locationPath = filterPath(location.pathname);
    var scrollElem = scrollableElement('html', 'body');

    // Any links with hash tags in them (can't do ^= because of fully qualified URL potential)
    $('a[href*=#]').each(function() {

        // Ensure it's a same-page link
        var thisPath = filterPath(this.pathname) || locationPath;
        if (  locationPath == thisPath
            && (location.hostname == this.hostname || !this.hostname)
            && this.hash.replace(/#/,'') ) {

                // Ensure target exists
                var $target = $(this.hash), target = this.hash;
                if (target) {

                    // Find location of target
                    var targetOffset = $target.offset().top;
                    $(this).click(function(event) {

                        // Prevent jump-down

                        // Animate to target
                        $(scrollElem).animate({scrollTop: targetOffset}, 400, function() {

                            // Set hash in URL after animation successful
                            location.hash = target;



    // Use the first element that is "scrollable"  (cross-browser fix?)
    function scrollableElement(els) {
        for (var i = 0, argLength = arguments.length; i <argLength; i++) {
            var el = arguments[i],
            $scrollElement = $(el);
            if ($scrollElement.scrollTop()> 0) {
                return el;
            } else {
                var isScrollable = $scrollElement.scrollTop()> 0;
                if (isScrollable) {
                    return el;
        return [];

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post html or a test page to show wats goin on –  Shail Mar 6 '13 at 2:46

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This line:

$('a[href*=#]').each(function() {

try to replace with:

$('a[href*=#]:not([data-toggle="tab"])').each(function() {
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