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I've come across a github project which I am trying to install and run it but I've run into some problems( https://github.com/andrewschoen/django-cms-demo ). I've also put this up as an issue https://github.com/andrewschoen/django-cms-demo/issues/2 . The entire pip log is available there.

The problem appears to revolve around disutil, if I understand correctly:

f:\python27\Lib\distutils\dist.py:267: UserWarning: Unknown distribution option: 'use_2to3'
 error: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat

I'm just starting with python and django , having come from php. I'm trying to set this project up on a USB drive, and I'm working on win7.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts,


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It's just a warning. The error is that you are trying to install on Windows something that needs a compiler. –  Martijn Pieters Mar 5 '13 at 18:07

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error: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat

You do not have a valid Visual C++ Installation in your System. Visual C++ Express Edition is free and you can download and install it.

In Case, if Visual C++ is Installed but you are still facing the issue, check the following environment variables



To ascertain if they are set and locates to a valid Common7\Tools location

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will the 2005 edition work or do you need the latest? –  user61629 Mar 5 '13 at 21:02

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