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I have to develop the game so that with same code (or may be few lines of change in code) will works in ANDRIOID and IOS, Blackberry (optional) or Windows (if possible).

My Objectives are:-

  1. Most important - I need to package as native apps
  2. Good graphics speed with HTML5 and CSS3 or may be some other language
  3. Provide Gaming Engine needs (a native engine like Unity 3D or Cocos
  4. Optional - can they do more than Android/IOS - like Tablet, Windows Phone, BB10, and > Desktop (Browser/Windows App store app)

Can anyone help me to evaluate which is best

  1. PhoneGap
  2. appMobi
  3. Ludei
  4. Corona
  5. GameSalad
  6. Shiva
  7. Unity
  8. Stencyl
  9. Marmalade may be something else?

Right now i am open for 2D simple games but yes in future i also need to work on 3d context based games too.

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PhoneGap isn't a 2D/gaming JS framework. It will help you just to build the bridge between your JS code and the native controllers of your device.

GameSalad isn't so bad but not really flexible. If you want to do advanced stuff, you'll feel stuck in its environment.

Cocos2D released a JS framework that works pretty well

Or GameQuery with a lot of impressive demos

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