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I have a list of Foo objects:


Foo itself contains a Bar property, which contains a list of Bazs that have a DateTime property named DateHappened:

public class Foo
   public Bar Bar { get; set; }

public class Bar
   public List<Baz> Baz { get; set; }

Is it possible to sort my list of Foos based on the earliest value of the DateHappened property?

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var ordered = fooList
    .SelectMany(f => f.Bar.Bazs.Select(b => new { Foo = f, DT = b.DateTime }))
    .OrderBy(fd => fd.DT)
    .Select(fd => fd.Foo);

If you want to order by the minimum time in each Baz list you can do:

var ordered = fooList
    .OrderBy(f => f.Bar.Bazs.Select(b => b.DateTime).Min());
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var ordered = fooList.OrderBy(f => f.Bar.Baz.Min(b => b.DateHappened));
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