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I need to copy a file specified by the user and make a copy of it (giving it a name specified by the user). This is my code:

import copy

def main():

    userfile = raw_input('Please enter the name of the input file.')
    userfile2 = raw_input('Please enter the name of the output file.')

    infile = open(userfile,'r')

    file_contents =



    userfile2 = copy.copy(file_contents)

    outfile = open(userfile2,'w+')

    file_contents2 =



Something strange is happening here, as it doesn't print the contents of the second file, outfile.

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use shutil.copy – mgilson Mar 5 '13 at 18:59
This looks like a duplicate, check this out:… – Michael W Mar 5 '13 at 19:30
@MichaelW Thank you! – John Jay Mar 6 '13 at 1:42

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Python's shutil is a much more portable method of copying files. Try the sample below:

import os
import sys
import shutil

source = raw_input("Enter source file path: ")
dest = raw_input("Enter destination path: ")

if not os.path.isfile(source):
    print "Source file %s does not exist." % source

    shutil.copy(source, dest)
except IOError, e:
    print "Could not copy file %s to destination %s" % (source, dest)
    print e
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If you are reading outfile, why do you open it with 'w+'? This truncates the file.

Use 'r'to read. See the link

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When I change it to 'w' it still doesn't work. – John Jay Mar 5 '13 at 19:17

Why don't you just write the input file contents to the output file?

userfile1 = raw_input('input file:')
userfile2 = raw_input('output file:')

infile = open(userfile1,'r')
file_contents =    

outfile = open(userfile2,'w')

What copy does is that it shallow copies the objects in python, has nothing to do with copying files.

What this line actually does is that it copies input file contents over the name of the output file:

userfile2 = copy.copy(file_contents)

You lose your output file name and no copy operation happens.

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