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Can't get this to work. I have a table 'Players' which has a primary key 'Id' and among others, a 'Name' column. Another table 'Bookings' has a column 'PlayerId' which references 'Players.Id'.

I have just added a column 'Name' to 'Bookings' which needs to contain an actual copy of the player's name.

I am trying set fill in all the names in Bookings using the following statement:

UPDATE Bookings SET Name = (SELECT Name FROM Players WHERE Players.Id=Bookings.PlayerId);

but what I get is error 1263: "Column set to default value; NULL supplied to NOT NULL column 'Name' at row 0".

What have I done wrong?

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Try this:

update Bookings, Players
set Bookings.Name = Players.Name
where Bookings.playerId = Players.Id

You have to be sure that there's a one to one relation between Players and Bookings (it's the only way I think this makes any sense).

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But that does work! Thanks. – nmw01223 Mar 5 '13 at 21:00

Use MYSQL UPDATE JOIN for this purpose. This is the query you need:

UPDATE Bookings
ON Players.Id=Bookings.PlayerId
SET Bookings.Name = Players.Name
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Doesn't seem to work, same error. Should have said that Bookings.PlayerId can be NULL. Tried adding WHERE Bookings.PlayerId<>NULL as the overall predicate - that got rid of the error but then no Name columns got set at all. – nmw01223 Mar 5 '13 at 20:57

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