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I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience writing a Backbone application with Mootools as it's ajax/dom library instead of jQuery. I know it's possible but is it going to be a headache? Are there any gotchas I need to know about?

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Well, I'm currently using a modified version of that MooTools adapter that @Dimitar Christoff linked here, which supports events.

I also modified that to use MooTools agent instead of Request, and after that I realized that I could write my own adapter so I can use all the new MooTools stuff (namely Prime, Agent, Moofx and Elements which comprise MooTools 2.0), that repo is here: https://github.com/kentaromiura/Marrow

While it's still in alpha and the code is just hacked together to made the tests pass, it's seemingly working now.

I think that every bit of the original adapter has been replicated while other features work thanks to what is implemented into Elements and Slick.

Though, probably this is not what you meant by "MooTools", so I'll look into branching my repository and copying in all the changes I made to the original adapter.

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Thanks for the response guys. Can't wait to see how Marrow turns out. –  jwerre Mar 6 '13 at 21:06
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Backbone need JQuery or Zepto... One of this is required for both DOM manipulation & Ajax...

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