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This is ADT v21.0.1-543035

I have Project1 in my Eclipse workspace. I've added Project2 and am attempting to create a linked folder pointing to a util folder in Project1. I added the linked folder as follows:

  • In the Eclipse Project2, right-click on src and choose New... Folder.
  • Click Advanced, select Linked Folder.
  • Click Variables, choose WORKSPACE_LOC, click Extend, browse to the folder to be linked, e.g. Project1/src/com/mycompany/demo/util/
  • Click OK.
  • Back at the New Folder dialog, edit the Folder Name to be the full path, e.g. com.mycompany.demo.util
  • Click Finish.

Eclipse adds the linked folder, but shows the following error in the console:

The declared package "com.mycompany.demo.util" does not match the expected package "com.mycompany.demo.util"

When I view the linked folder's properties, it shows the path as:


Whereas the same linked folder in a different project looks like:


What did I miss?

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This isn't the answer to my question "why" creating the linked folder didn't work, but here's how I fixed it.

I exited Eclipse and looked at Project2's .project file, I saw that it had the following:


I looked at the name token for another project where the linked folder was working, and it had the value:


So I edited Project2's name to contain slashes, restarted Eclipse and cleaned Project2.

Project2 now showed two entries in the src folder:

  • a linked folder named com.mycompany.demo.util, with a warning indicator icon
  • a regular folder with the same name, also with a warning indicator icon

I deleted the regular folder entry and checked the linked folder's properties. The Path looked fine, but the Location was not set. I clicked Edit, set the value using the WORKSPACE_LOC variable as described in my original question, and voila! Eclipse now resolves the linked folder correctly.

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