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I'm running the following code in the GAE interactive console (/_ah/admin/interactive), and I do not understand why get_by_id() returns None when the parent is not specified. The docs do not make this limitation clear and I can't think of a reason to enforce it.

import my_model
print my_model.all().fetch(1)[0].key().id()  # Returns 33006, used later
print my_model.get_by_id(33006)
print my_model.get_by_id(my_model.all().fetch(1)[0].key().id())

parent = my_model.all().fetch(1)[0].parent()
print my_model.get_by_id(33006, parent=parent)


<my_model object at 0x109a6a690>

db.Model definition and code showing object creation with ancestor:

class my_model(db.Model):
    user_id = db.StringProperty(indexed=True)
    email = db.StringProperty(indexed=True, default=None)

    def create(parent):
        obj = my_model(user_id='x', email='y', parent=parent)
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The answer to your question is: because the same ID could be in another entity but with a different parent.

The IDs will be all different with the same parent or for all entities without a parent, but if there is an ancestor then your numerical IDs are not unique.

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