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I would like to do a query to get all items with a string 'id' > a specified id.

The query select * from machine_thread where id > 'znRb1c_3TPytk-JoPX19Qw' returns an item with the id zT4GabH3Qy2W6YIGh8Ku-w

In the other languages i am using (python, javascript) a string comparison will show that 'znRb1c_3TPytk-JoPX19Qw' is greater than 'zT4GabH3Qy2W6YIGh8Ku-w'. What is postgresql doing differently, and is there anyway I can use the same comparison across all environments for comparing string IDs?

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Check your database configuration and the collation setting. I don't get the result you do in my database. – Pointy Mar 5 '13 at 20:50

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It is because of COLLATE the PostgreSQL is using.

Execute SHOW LC_COLLATE to see, what collation you are using.

The collation you want (the one python and javascript are using) is "C".

Example here

Details here

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Note that on Pg 9.2 you can set collations per-column and per-operation, so you don't have to mess up sorting of names to get C collation for this particular column. – Craig Ringer Mar 5 '13 at 23:51

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