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Previous to Meteor 0.5.5 I was able to do this.

var query = {};
var ts = new Date();
query.start_date = { $lte: ts };
query.end_date = { $gte: ts };
var result = Collection.find(query);

It used to return records. Now it does not.

When I do a console.log(query) there is a __proto__ on the query and on the start_date and end_date.

So, how do I do date delimited queries in Meteor now?

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Could you try your query in the mongo shell and see if results are expected? I created to test date queries with the latest version 0.57 and it looks like its the same – Akshat Mar 5 '13 at 21:35

I resorted to using moment.js. This works.

var ts = moment().format();
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On meteor.js 0.5.7 I´m using this to delimite queries by dates with good results:

userLive.find({readedAt: {$gte: startDay, $lt: endDay}});
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Are you setting startDate and endDay as = new Date(). That was the offending bit. – Steeve Cannon Mar 6 '13 at 21:43

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