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using php to echo json array inline i want js/jquery to populate table according to these data.

HTML table

        <th data-day='2013-03-15'>15-3</th>
        <th data-day='2013-03-16'>16-3</th>
        <th data-day='2013-03-17'>17-3</th>
<tr data-time='09'>
var arr=[ 

i want to loop thro arr and according to its date and time_booked write id inside td.

for example first row will go to td with date-day='2013-03-15' and data-time='09' so how can i do this using javascript ?

im thinking should i include data-day,data-time inside each td in tbody ? or is there a better way to do it ?

current approach:

include data-day inside each tr so html of tbody is

<tr data-time='09'>
   <td data-day='2013-03-15'></td>
   <td data-day='2013-03-16'></td>

then use js

    var rday=this.date;
    var rtime=this.time_booked;
    var sel='tr[data-hr="'+rtime.substr(0,2)+'"]';
    var dom=$(sel).find('td[data-day="'+rday+'"]').first();

but i have a feeling its stupid ! there must be a way to map table using x,y (table head,row head) or there is none ?

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I think the jQuery index function is what you're looking for. In the code sample below, I've used it to fetch the colIndex for the date. In this case, it fetches all of the th cells within the table, and uses .index(..) with a selector seeking the required date. This gives the column index of the date you're seeking, and from there it's all pretty straight-forward.

var arr=[ 
    var cell = GetCellByDateAndTime(this.date, this.time_booked);

function GetCellByDateAndTime(date, time) {
    var colIndex = $("#BookingsTable th").index($("[data-day='" + date + "']"));
    var row = $("#BookingsTable tr[data-time='" + time + "']")
    var cell = $(row).children($("td"))[colIndex];
    return cell;

And a Fiddle.

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